Sun Coast Emergency Fuel Is Ready for Winter Storm Kahn

Winter Storm Khan brought a swath of snow from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic today. Parts of the South, including southern Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina have seen significant icing from the storm.

Sun Coast Resources’ emergency fuel response teams are ready to help those in need with the effects left behind from Winter Storm Kahn.  When you need red diesel for your generator, Sun Coast is there!  When you need a dedicated fuel truck for your multiple business locations, Sun Coast is there!  When you need a double wall insulated tank to dispense gas or diesel, Sun Coast is there!  When your fleet needs fueling because the gas stations are without gas or power, Sun Coast is there!  When your current fuel supplier runs out of its fuel supply, Sun Coast will be there! Be prepared by being RESOURCEFUL!

Suncoast staff

Sun Coast Resources has over 1,000 trucks and equipment to serve you across 35 States and always 24/7/365.  Sun Coast never sleeps!

If you are not affected by Winter storm Kahn, do you have your emergency plan and generator maintenance schedule with Sun Coast already?



Emergency Fuel Supplier for Isaac and Other Hurricanes Available 24/7

Sun Coast Resources, Inc. has provided emergency fuel for 30 years and to over a dozen natural disasters.  Call the experienced fuel and tank distributor 24/7 across Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and any of our other 38 licensed States. Please see our website for all the specifics about how we can serve you with: emergency response, dedicated fuel trucks, fuel tanks, generator fuel, mobile fuel trucks, diesel and more.