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Sun Coast Resources, Inc. is a 1st SOURCE Elite Chevron Lubrication Marketer serving customers throughout the continental United States. With top quality Chevron Lubricants for every application, and strategic partnerships with other top lubricant manufacturers, Sun Coast and its partners can meet all your lubrication needs.


Certified Lubrication Specialists

CLS certification recognizes those individuals who possess current knowledge of lubrication fundamentals and theory, and are well versed in the following areas:

Sun Coast’s Certified Lubrication Specialists can assist you to:


Chevron ISOCLEAN Program 

The journey from plant to customer presents many opportunities for lubricants to pick up contaminants. While these contaminants are small in size they can have a big impact on your equipment performance and reliability. OEM's are being pushed to create equipment designs that reduce emissions and fuel consumption. These new designs have very precise tolerances and higher system pressures resulting in higher oil cleanliness standards. 

Sun Coast is a proud marketer of Chevron's ISOCLEAN Program that provides both products and services for a proactive approach to achieve lubrication excellence. 

ISOCLEAN Lubricant Products 

ISOCLEAN Lubricant Services 


Considering that the number one cause of lubricant-related failures in equipment is contaminant particles, the ISOCLEAN Calculator is crucial in helping you understand your specific challenges and how to overcome unique obstacles for maximum efficiency.

This simple three-step process collects all the relevant information of your industry, equipment type and components, and the conditions that are relevant to the lubricants used in your operations. Based on the data selected, the ISOCLEAN Calculator delivers a customized report, providing the target ISO Cleanliness Code compared to the current one, visuals of the magnified patch samples of each, and the current lifespan of the equipment versus what it could achieve using Chevron’s ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants.  



Need help with selecting your hydraulic fluids? Click the above banner to participate in a personalized interactive video that will go over how Chevron premium products can address your business' challenges and goals. 



What is PC-11?

PC-11 is the next generation of heavy duty engine oil that will focus on increasing fuel economy, extending drain intervals and maintaining wear control at low viscosity grades. This new category will replace the API CJ-4 oils with two offerings: API CK-4 (PC-11a) and API FA-4 (PC-11b).

Why Is This Change Happening?

In 2010 the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) announced regulations designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and mandate fuel economy improvements for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. These stricter regulations start in 2017 with commercial introduction of PC-11 beginning in December 2016.  

How are OEM’s Adjusting?

OEM’s are currently developing new engine designs with these new CO2 and fuel economy regulations in mind. Just some of the changes they are making are diesel engine downsizing, downspeeding and advanced combustion design. They are also testing new materials and coatings that will resist wear and reduce internal debris. The reduction of this debris will allow engines to accommodate oils with lower viscosities, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

Why Is the Type of Oil Important?

Diesel engine oils will enable these new engine hardware designs, provide increased fuel economy through lighter viscosity grade and improve engine durability with new advanced additive chemistry and base oil selection.

What is the difference in PC-11 API CK-4 and API FA-4?

Mixed fleets with gas and diesel engines should look for the API CK-4/SN or API FA-4/SN designation that indicates that it is approved for both engine types.

How Does This Change Effect My Business?

On-road truck OEMs and manufactures can adopt PC-11B to gain incremental fuel economy performance. By 2017-2018, most North American OEM’s will be factory filling their units with PC-11B oils. Switching your oil to PC-11 is a solution that can be quickly implemented and has an immediate impact on your entire fleet’s fuel economy. No new filters will need to be used but you will need to change your filter at every oil drain.

For more information, visit PC-11 Explained

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