Total Rubia TIR 7900 15w40

Total-Rubia-TIR-7900-SYNRubia TIR 7900 SYN NA 5w40 is a fully synthetic, high performance heavy duty diesel engine oil. It was designed for the latest low emissions diesel engines with after-treatment systems using low sulfur or ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The API CJ-4 rated Rubia TIR 7900 SYN NA 5w40 is designed to provide the best protection for and get the highest level of performance out of heavy duty diesel engines.


  • Its synthetic base allows for longer drain intervals
  • Formulated to improve start-ups even under sub-zero temperatures
  • Excellent engine protection, extending engine life
  • Engineered to perform even under the most sever operating conditions

The TOTAL Advantage is also present in the world unique database for processing waste oil analysis created in TOTAL’s development of ANAC. TOTAL’s Advanced Oil Analysis Program is a tool tailored to meet the customer’s needs and is available for customers to track engine performance.

Some Rubia products have been formulated using TOTAL’s Fuel Economy technology and are also Low SAPS lubricants.