Fuel and Oil Testing

Making the grade

Over thirty years of wholesale petroleum experience has taught Sun Coast the value of premium fuels and oils in maintaining maximum longevity and performance. We offer a comprehensive testing program for the prevention of costly equipment failure. We will test for fuel stability and microbial contamination, without interrupting your operations.

The origin of crude oil, refinery processes, seasonality and geographic location all factor into fuel blend formulations. Sulfur, naturally occurring gums, waxes, soluble metallic soaps, water, dirt and temperature all impact stored fuel. These effects continue until the fuel is consumed.

Our annual testing assures your generator will operate efficiently when it is needed most. At least 70% of all generator failures are due to contaminated fuel. We will sample and analyze your fuel to optimize its quality by use of biocide fuel additives or quarterly top offs, and fuel treatment and filtration if needed. All our fuel comes pre-treated with biocide and Diesel Treat 2000®.

Sun Coast safety and compliance 

30+ years of exceptional safety speaks for itself, but if you’d like to learn more about how we protect our clients and our drivers visit our Safety and Compliance page.

Safety & Compliance

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