Chevron introduces “game changer” Delo® 600 ADF with OMNIMAX

Delo 600 ADF with OMNIMAX

HOUSTON, November 8, 2019 – Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc., announced its heavy-duty engine oil (HDEO) product, Delo® 600 ADF with OMNIMAX­™. This Chevron Patented Technology helps significantly reduce customer operating costs by delivering maximum system protection to both the engine and emissions system. This all-encompassing protection helps drastically reduce Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) clogging delivering industry redefining fuel economy retention and extended DPF service life.

Key Benefits of Delo® 600 ADF with OMNIMAX­™:

  1. Up to 2.5 times the extended DPF ash cleaning interval
  2. Up to 3% improved fuel economy retention
  3. Extended drain intervals

Current heavy-duty engine oils are formulated to the API CK-4 limit of 1% sulfated ash. Chevron’s Delo® 600 ADF with OMNIMAX­™ is formulated to 0.4% sulfated ash, which helps drastically reduce the rate of DPF plugging. As engine oil is consumed, incombustible metallic “ash” accumulates in the DPF. Reduced ash clogging results in lower backpressure, less frequent regeneration and improved fuel economy.

“Chevron has taken a customer-forward approach by realizing early on, the extent of the problems caused by the integration of hardware to address the latest emissions regulations and current HDEOs, and today we’re announcing a new solution,” said James Booth, North America Commercial Sector Manager at Chevron. “Let’s not forget this is an engine oil, and we have seen remarkable performance in engine protection too, which will add to the value Delo® 600 ADF will bring customers.”


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