Delo® 600 ADF

Sun Coast first in Texas to offer Delo® 600 ADF

Delo® 600 ADF with OMNIMAX™ is here! Sun Coast Resources, LLC continuously leads the industry in every facet. We’re proud to be the first marketer in Texas to supply Chevron’s latest and well-anticipated heavy-duty engine oil, Delo® 600 ADF with OMNIMAX™.  Delo® 600 ADF with OMNIMAX™, a Chevron Patented Technology, delivers maximum system protection to both … Continued

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The key to fluid cleanliness: Start clean

|   Category: Lubricants

A dirty hydraulic fluid being pumped with a 50 gallon per minute hydraulic pump, working 8 hours a day for 230 days per year will have around 3 tons of particulate contamination pass through it each year.    Each time a particle passes through the pump it creates an opportunity for more abrasive wear, ultimately reducing … Continued

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