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The Sun Coast Cube has the ability to feed three generators and refuel equipment at the same time with an extra-large, 27-inch deep pump. The Cube also has an equipment cabinet for all on-site refueling and maintenance tools, UN/USDOT CFR49 approved for transporting full or part full on road, and internal baffles to prevent fuel surge. It is UL 142 approved and environmentally safe for storing fuel. The tank is available as an RT trailer unit offering an excellent mobile refueling package.

Available with internal epoxy lining for aviation and bio-fuels and a 5-year warranty.


Making sure nothing gets in the way of your operations, Sun Coast is a trusted supplier of oil filters and accessories to ensure the entire fluid system is properly maintained in any environment, no matter the level of particulates.


Maintaining proper lubrication requires special tools and expertise. Our Certified Lubrication Specialists can assist you in locating, acquiring and implementing the right lubrication accessory for any task.

Contact a Sun Coast sales representative for your lubricant needs.

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