Sun Coast’s Fleet Fueling Services provide diesel or gasoline for your operations—day or night. Our accurate and dependable service offers a transportation logistics system, which is a feature-rich, real-time solution for processing orders, managing dispatch functions and digitally capturing delivery information.

The system allows Sun Coast and our customers the capability to track fueling locations easily with GPS technology, to capture vehicle identification numbers, to know the product and volume delivered and to verify the time each vehicle was fueled. The unique design of our truck dispatch software provides the highest degree of core functionality. Sun Coast has been a pioneer in the fleet fueling industry and continues to lead the way with our transportation logistics programs.


Sun Coast Fleet Fueling Services are intended to help customers be more efficient – decreasing company downtime and increasing accountability. Additional benefits with this service include:

  • Customized service to meet customers’ needs
  • Emergency fueling services 24/7/365
  • Helps eliminate miscellaneous charges on company credit cards
  • Equipment is fueled and ready when employees return to work
  • Fuel directly into customers’ equipment
  • Generator fueling
  • Helps eliminate the need for on-site fuel tank storage


  • GPS tracking & vehicle monitoring
  • Barcode scanning
  • Back office integration
  • Paperless delivery records
  • Printed receipts with signature capture
  • On the spot pricing
  • BOL tracking
  • Flexible reporting


From large-scale fleet fueling to emergency fueling for mobile disaster response, Sun Coast is equipped to fuel any application.

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