Sun Coast Featured on KPRC Channel 2 for Hurricane Michael Response

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Sun Coast Resources assists with Hurricane Michael's recovery.

Just a few short weeks after responding to Hurricane Florence, Sun Coast is assisting with the nation’s emergency response to Hurricane Michael, expected to make landfall along Florida’s northeastern Gulf Coast. KPRC Channel 2 visited Sun Coast and spoke to Kyle Lehne, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Disaster Response, about the services Sun Coast provides as part of their emergency response including diesel for generators and gasoline for response vehicles, police, ambulances, etc.  Approximately 400 workers are assisting with Sun Coast’s response and about 100 will head directly into Hurricane Michael’s path. Sun Coast has assisted affected communities during more than 40 named storms since 2004, most recently during hurricanes Florence, Harvey, Maria and Irma (including a 300-day mission in Puerto Rico). Click here to see KPRC’s full story.