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Kyle Lehne, Sun Coast Resources VP of Sales and Marketing, featured in Sam Houston State University magazine.

Kyle Lehne, class of ’94, is Vice President of Sales and Director of Emergency Response for Houston-based Sun Coast Resources, LLC, a wholesale petroleum marketer that supplies a complete line of fuels, lubricants, transportation services, and specialized related programs to thousands of commercial enterprises— including oilfield service and exploration and production companies.

Sun Coast also is heavily involved in transporting for producers from its oilfield storage facilities to a variety of destinations.

“Sun Coast has 80 trucks committed to this service,” Lehne said.

The company has been heavily involved in supplying petroleum products, fracking crews and logistical support to an array of companies involved in shale plays throughout the region.“Because Sun Coast has 18 offices and bulk plant facilities, we have been able to provide around-the-clock service with a professional team of specialists that drilling engineers and contractors rely on to keep them up and running,” Lehne said.

Sun Coast recently opened a facility in Baton Rouge, near a newly discovered shale play. “When production takes off in that area, we will be able to provide the petroleum products and services oilfield companies desperately need for their drilling and production operations,” Lehne said.

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