Making a Difference in Louisiana

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Sun Coast and FRF

Since, 2004, Sun Coast Resources, LLC has responded to over 40 storms and natural disasters. Emergency response is at the forefront of our core values. When allowed the chance to partner with Fuel Relief Fund following Hurricane Laura, we jumped at the opportunity.

Fuel Relief Fund is a charitable organization that provides free fuel to areas affected by natural disasters, globally. Immediately following the hurricane, a team was deployed to Louisiana. Within the first 24 hours, free fuel was provided to police, fire stations, and emergency vehicles in the Lake Charles area. This is critical, to ensure first responders can continue their duties without having to drive long distances to fuel up. Next, free fuel was provided to humanitarian organizations and individual cars. According to Fuel Relief Fund, people waited for hours, in lines that stretched for several miles.

One Fuel Relief Fund responder said, “It is bloody hot and humid here in southern Louisiana! There’s no electricity, no running water. People started lining up for fuel at 6:30 am, two hours before we planned to start. We filled up the fire station this morning and we’ll do the police later today. All these first responders are so grateful just to have enough fuel to drive home to their families after working for days on end.”

Fuel might not be the first thing you think about after a hurricane, but it is just as critical as food, water, and shelter. Without fuel, people cannot power generators, lights, air- conditioning, or use their stoves or microwaves to prepare meals. It is also essential in keeping hospitals up and running.

Sun Coast is proud to have partnered with an organization that brought a total of 6,000 gallons to 1,400 individuals that were impacted by the devastating hurricane.

Visit Fuel Relief Fund to learn more about their mission.