Sun Coast Resources Named 2013 #1 Private Oilfield Equipment Supply & Service Company

Sun Coast Resources industrial fueling truck.

The Houston Business Journal released their list for the 2013 Houston-Area Oilfield Equipment Supply & Service Companies (Ranked by 2012 Total Gross Revenue) and Sun Coast Resources ranked 19thand was #1 for privately owned companies.

Sun Coast Resources, LLC has 18 offices strategically located throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, services an expanding 38-state marketing area, and is therefore well-positioned to support U.S. drilling activity. Sun Coast has an extensive network of resources, a hazmat-certified driver pool of over 1,000 and a modern company-owned proprietary fleet. Sun Coast has experience in providing equipment and services in shale developments, including the Eagle Ford, Eagle Ford Bryan, Permian, Haynesville, Cline, Woodford, and Marcellus leasehold areas.

The products and services Sun Coast provides to the oilfield companies include: bulk fuel, bulk lubricants, fuel tanks, containment tanks, vacuum truck services, filtration and purification services,and hauling.

Sun Coast hauling services are NOT outsourced to owner-operators, but rather maintained and managed in-house, in accordance with strict safety and maintenance standards to ensure excellent and reliable service quality. We recognize the criticality of our condensate trucking services to the oilfield production efforts we support. Well economics associated with efficiency of barrels to market drives our service philosophy. We prioritize equipment dispatch to optimize transportation productivity through evaluation of production rates and well-site storage capacity, thereby reducing customer costs.

Through advanced operational capabilities, such as our ability to practice in-field driver shift changes, we eliminate equipment downtime while complying with DOT hours-of-service regulations.

Modern and expansive fleet is equipped with specialized equipment to insure optimum quality control, reliability and monitored GPS/Mobile data technology that can be made available to our customers.

Spill prevention is managed by strict adherence to proactive programs and training, which include preventative measures such as the use of containment, equipment inspection and maintenance, and close monitoring of product loading/unloading. Spills are minimized by the use of automatic and manual shut-off devices and gauges to prevent overfills.

Sun Coast first responder capability under the most challenging circumstances sets us apart from its competitors and provides our customers with the comfort they require when selecting a service provider. Sun Coast proactively monitors market and industry trends to maintain a leading-edge approach to managing and expanding condensate service capabilities. We continually evaluate and improve condensate equipment configuration for more efficient loading and unloading in a safe, environmentally responsible manner. This approach translates into bottom-line value to our customers.

Sun Coast is strictly focused on transportation services, not procurement or refinement of products. Therefore, we are well positioned to service your business and customers conflict-free anytime, anywhere.

By integrating our resources and expertise, Sun Coast can provide a full range of services in all aspects of transporting our customers’ from the wellhead to any destination desired.

For more information on how you can become an energy partner with Sun Coast Resources in any of its 38 state service area, please call 800-677-FUEL (3835) *541 or email direct to