Sun Coast Adds Two Bobtail Vac Trucks to the Fleet

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Sun Coast Resources bobtail vac truck.

Sun Coast Resources, LLC is committed to delivering the best equipment and an outstanding customer experience. That philosophy continues this month with the addition of two well-equipped vacuum bobtail trucks, that can be used for water and waste disposal, frac fluids, chemicals, slurry and sludge to name a few.

The two-compartment vac bobtails are capable of holding 3,800 gallons (3,500 waste/300 fresh) and are suited for multiple liquid transportation needs and meet all necessary requirements to safely remove and dispose of such materials.

Sun Coast continues to be one of the fastest-growing fuel and lubricant marketers in the U.S., providing high quality fuels, lubricants, chemicals and related programs and services to thousands of businesses and agencies throughout America. For more information on how your company can utilize our new vac bobtails, contact us today.

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