Sun Coast celebrates company core values

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Sun Coast is currently celebrating our eight company core values – Sunny, Unique, Nimble, Courteous, Optimistic, Appreciative, Stellar, and Tenacious.

These core values help promote Sun Coast’s purpose and goals. They are the principles that help guide our company strategy and our individual actions. Sun Coast is proud to stand behind these 8 core values and hope they are evident in the service we provide to our customers.

S- Sunny:

Sunny describes our disposition. We strive to create a warm and welcoming company culture and to reflect this during every interaction.

U- unique:

Unique is a characteristic exhibited in our creativity and unconventional solution approach.  We work strategically with our customers to deliver a remarkable customer experience.

N- Nimble:

Nimble is an “attitude” of our willingness to change and adapt quickly, making Sun Coast an industry leader and innovator.

C- Courteous:

Courteous is the expression of politeness and respect in our outlook and behavior.  We believe that all interactions require sincerity and should be handled in a friendly, professional manner.

O- Optimistic:

Optimistic describes how we approach opportunities to achieve positive results, even in the most difficult situations.

A- Appreciative:

Appreciative means valuing our employee and customer contributions.  We recognize this synergy is essential to our success and we seek to always display appreciation in every situation.

S- Stellar:

Stellar describes our remarkable personalized customer service.  This stellar service is what makes us a leader in our industry.

T- Tenacious:

Tenacious describes our “never give up” attitude.  We display versatility and persevere in the face of adversity, seeking success in everything we do.