Sun Coast Resources, LLC Celebrates its 36th Anniversary!


April 29, 2021 is an important day at Sun Coast Resources, LLC!


36 years ago, Kathy Lehne took the first step towards her vision of purchasing premium petroleum products directly from world-class refiners and providing them, with proven solutions from industry leaders, to consumers who are the backbone of America’s economic engine.

With limited funds, 2 employees, a small office in Houston, and a tireless commitment to excellence and sensational customer service, Sun Coast has expanded operations to 40 states, over 800 employees, and 850 state-of-the-art delivery vehicles.

Moreover, Sun Coast now has 18 offices and bulk plant facilities located in key demand centers across Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, serving thousands of commercial, industrial, retail, and governmental entities. With sales revenue in 2019 topping $1.2 billion, Sun Coast is one of the largest woman-owned businesses in Texas and ranks among the largest privately held companies in Houston.

Sun Coast’s success over the course of the past 36 years has been driven in large part by our amazing employees’ dedication, strong work ethic, and unwavering ability to anticipate and adapt to ever-changing market dynamics and customer preferences. We are proud and humbled by our past achievements and excited for the challenges that lay ahead over the course of the next 36 years.

Thank you for your trust and loyal support!