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Sun Coast Resources Steer Safety Performance Excellence Award.

Sun Coast Resources, LLC was honored to accept the STEER Eagle Ford Excellence Award for Safety Performance this morning for our “Day 37″ safety video.

“Safety comes first at Sun Coast. It is one of our core values and is always at the forefront of our operations. This year’s initiative to educate drivers and their families on the dangers of fatigue driving through the creation of “Day 37” is a shining example of our dedication to safety.” – Kathy Lehne, CEO & President

About “Day 37”

Sun Coast Resources, LLC is dedicated to constantly improving our safety operations for not only the benefit of our customers but for our employees and their families. When we noticed an increase in fatigue-related incidences, our team began to think of the best way to reduce them. After some asking around and discussions with drivers, we found that many night drivers watch their young children or run errands during the day when the childrens’ mother is at work. We then realized that perhaps not only the driver but the driver’s family should receive education regarding fatigue-related incidences as well.

Armed with the knowledge of drivers’ actual challenges, Sun Coast’s Safety, Media and Executive teams worked to create a video to educate drivers and their families about driver fatigue. The video needed to be clear, simple, and drive home how important rest truly is to performing drivers’ job safely in order to return back home to their families.

The video depicts a driver coming home after a long day at work. When he arrives home, his wife is running off to work while his little boy is wanting to play. The driver tries to sleep but only manages to sleep a couple of hours before heading back to work. After his first load, he starts to become drowsy. He does his best to stay awake, but he just can’t keep his eyes open. He veers into the oncoming lane and hits a car with two college students inside, killing the driver and both the students.

Subsequently, the video discusses the results of driver fatigue, who is most at risk, prevention tips, and warning signs of driver fatigue. Finally, the video advises that simple techniques such as rolling down the window or turning up the radio do not work and encourages fatigued drivers to pull over to contact their dispatcher to be picked up. The best risk is the one you didn’t take!

This video was sent to all of Sun Coast’s drivers’ personal emails, so drivers could watch it with their families and loved ones. Sun Coast is proud to say that since distribution, we have not had one fatigue-related incident. When some of our customers and other contacts heard about the video, we shared it with them and even gave presentations at their safety meetings.

Watch “Day 37”