Sun Coast Resources, LLC Sponsored the MDA All in for ALS Poker Tournament

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Sun Coast Resources sponsored MDA ALS Poker Tournament fundraiser.

Sun Coast sponsored the MDA All in for ALS Poker Tournament this past weekend with a team and volunteers.

At MDA, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the fundamental freedoms that come with everyday living – the freedom to walk, to talk, to run and play.  We so often take these simple, yet essential functions for granted.  We don’t necessarily appreciate our ability to laugh – to hug – even breath.  But there are many children and adults, living in hometowns across America, that struggle with each step, each breath due to muscular dystrophy, ALS and other diseases that limit strength and mobility.

We use our collective strength to find research breakthroughs across diseases to accelerate treatments and cures, care for kids and adults from day one, and empower families in hometowns across America with support to fulfill life goals.  We are passionate about this work and the families we serve.  We believe our mission and efforts resonates with all audiences.  Every one of us can imagine what it would be like if we lost the ability to stand, to speak, or even hug those that we love most.  And yet there are many children and individuals for which this is a reality.  They face these challenges daily and are in need of support – medical support, family & community support, and support from those searching for a cure.  We have been dedicated to this fight for the past 60 years and have no plans to slow down until our work is finished and a cure is found!