Sun Coast shows support & team spirit for the Houston Astros

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Sun Coast Houston Astros support

The Houston Astros are in the hunt to make it to the World Series yet again. The Astros currently have a 2-1 lead in the ALCS against the New York Yankees. The race to the World Series is determined by which team can win the best out of 7 games first. This means the Astros need to win two more games against the Yankees in order to get there.

To show our support for the the city of Houston and the Houston Astros organization, Sun Coast enjoyed an Astros Spirit Day at our Houston headquarters. Employees were encouraged to show their team spirit by wearing Astros shirts, caps, shoes, and more!

All of Sun Coast wishes the Houston Astros organization the best of luck as they close out the ALCS over the next few days. We hope to see the Astros #TakeItBack in this year’s World Series!