Sun Coast stands equipped and prepared for 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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Sun Coast Resources hurricane season prepared for the 2019 hurricane season.

HOUSTON, June 1, 2019 – The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season kicks off June 1st and runs through November 30th.  While it’s typical for activity in the open waters to be rather quiet through July, it’s never a bad approach to be proactive for when storms begin forming.

Sun Coast Resources, LLC has responded to more than 40 named storms since 2004 and is the leading emergency fuel response provider. Sun Coast has a professional, dedicated emergency response team that helps coordinate and provide critical fuel and services to temporary fueling locations, emergency fleets, government agencies, utilities and communication providers, generators, and more. Sun Coast is dedicated to providing 24/7/365 emergency response services to keep America running.

“We will deliver whatever you need to any place at any time,” said Sun Coast’s Vice President of Business Development, Kyle Lehne. “You never know what’s going to happen. Power can go out anytime across the country. A critical incident can happen overnight, whether it’s a hurricane or an explosion,” he continued.” Lehne reiterates that it’s about being proactive rather than reactive and having the ability to respond quickly when it comes to natural disasters. “At Sun Coast, we understand the importance of thorough preparation before a disaster strikes, and our drivers are always ready at a moment’s notice.”

In addition to Sun Coast’s countless emergency response services provided, they also have an extensive company-owned emergency response fleet operated by experienced, professional drivers. As a result, Sun Coast can deploy necessary assets at a moment’s notice.

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