Tropical Storm Dorian – Sun Coast is prepared & equipped

Tropical Storm Dorian

HOUSTON, August 28, 2019 – Sun Coast is keeping close watch on Tropical Storm Dorian as it approaches the Caribbean with expected tropical storm conditions in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic to begin today.

Dorian’s intensity is still unknown for the remainder of its projected path, but the forecast shows a high potential of tropical storm and hurricane conditions to push through, reaching to parts of Florida and possibly the Carolinas. The national hurricane center is actively monitoring the storm as the threat of Tropical Storm Dorian continues to increase.

Regardless of when or where the storm hits, Sun Coast is fully prepared and equipped to respond accordingly. As the top emergency response company in the nation, our storm team is highly experienced and ready to respond. Sun Coast offers 24/7 dispatch, emergency fueling, and our fuel power program, all created to ensure you are prepared for emergencies. Our Fuel Power Program is a generator fuel maintenance program, designed to keep your generator full and functional year-round with fuel readily available so your businesses’ operations are not affected should an emergency arise.

It’s never too early to prepare! Interested in our Power Program or other emergency services? Visit or call (800) 677- FUEL (3835).