Sun Coast Offers a Winter Blend Diesel Conditioner to Combat Wintry Temperatures

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Winter Blend Diesel Conditioner

Winter has started and temperatures are dropping. Along with plants that need to be protected during the cold weather, your diesel must be protected, too. Do not delay treating your diesel, start immediately. Sun Coast Resources, LLC offers a Winter Blend Diesel Conditioner.

This multi-functional cold-weather diesel fuel additive has many benefits to enhance the performance of your diesel fuel. It provides increased cetane, incomparable fuel stability, added lubricity, detergency, and water control. All vital components to making sure you are locked and loaded for the frigid temperatures.

Why you should choose Sun Coast’s Winter Blend Diesel Conditioner:

Reduce emissions released with higher cetane levels improving fuel quality.

Filters are no longer a hassle when you have guaranteed fuel stability.

  • Sludge formation prevented and a decrease in fuel filter plugging

Increase in fuel lubricity means an increase in equipment life, no wear and tears.

  • Not only will the fuel injectors be protected, fuel pumps are included as well.

The detergent additive package helps take cleaning to a new level.

  • Injectors will stay clean and will not stick or plug
  • Helps with fuel economy and restores power
  • Decreases any issues with HPCR injection- IDID and asphaltenes
  • Supports compliance with safety and cleaning ratings

Stop wax crystal growth in its tracks

  • Lowers CFPP by up to 30˚F
  • Jet fuel de-icer prevents ice and fuel filter from any blockages and damages.
Treat Rate

Sun Coast’s treat rate includes 1 gallon treating 1500 gallons of diesel.

  • 1:1500 – 10-15˚F CFPP Reduction
  • 1:750   –  20-30˚F CFPP Reduction injector clean up

*Ultra-low sulfur diesel compliant. Contain less than 15ppm sulfur.

Do not delay, call Sun Coast today and speak with a representative about ways to be protect your diesel fuel during this winter season! |

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